America First

July 4,  2021

We can't fight Corruption with falsified ballots. 

We need more than one Honest US Senator in New England. We need to support and Defend the Constitution in  the Constitution State.  The Senate was designed to be our conscience.   It is dysfunctional.   Flynn can and does work across the political spectrum/isle.  My opponent can't. 

My opponent recently blamed all mass shootings on Republicans.  This week he claimed Trump committed crimes as he was an unnamed co-conspirator in the NYC court documents? 

Lobbyists Run CT. Look at the Campaign donations, they are bribes.   Such as Oxy and 5G.

There are more big lies in CT than anywhere else.

Biden's Policy is Stimulus for cartels.   Romney's Trust Act is anything but.  John Kerry has committed Treason 200 times.   Senator Chris Murphy is now throwing Biden under the bus for airstrikes on Syria, supported by Iran. 

The PAC money runs the State Of CT.

Economy - I object to additional Taxes during a pandemic.  No Tolls, no additional taxes.  The stimulus is a loan, the mill rates should have been dropped. 

  •  Debt and Jobs. 28 Trillion?

  •  I will defend the continual need supporting retirement savings.

  • Reduce pork laden bills. 

  • Review bailouts of Sanctuary Cities

  • Re-write Rigid installment contracts

Judicial/Legislative Reform 

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • I will defend our Elections from  the threats of Foreign and  Domestic influence

  • Introduce Term limits for Senators

  • Accountability of legal enforcement


  • Path to Citizenship

  • Minors

  • Immigration needs change

Foreign Relations

  • Russia

  • I am prepared to secure Christian values as a Pro-Israel ally,

  • Keeping any fight off our shores.

  • Focus on China. 


  • Pandemic solutions

  • I am an advocate’s advocate for the disabled and veterans

  • I promise to work toward solutions in Medicare and Medicaid

  • Support family values

  • Reassess prescription drug costs

We need Donors, Volunteers, and we need them now. 

Paid For By Flynn2022, I approve this message. 


9 Ledge Rd Rowayton, Ct 06853

475-258 1736