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We submitted 57,962 signatures the Connecticut Secretary of State Office They mishandled them: so we filed suit. FST CV 22 5027404-s Stamford Superior Court. 

Flynn vs Ken Dixon (Hearst) 50272343-s  Defasmation. Collusion/Extortion. 

We also initiated a 5G lawsuit with 21 defendants in Connecticut in February.  None of the defendants answered their Admissions.  The fact is that every defendant breached his/her Oath of Office. 22- CV 01065  Federal Court Judge Meyer. 



John is fighting to restore our fundamental rights under the Constitution & supports efforts to Make America Great Again. Your contribution supports the 2022 campaign to elect John to the Senate as an Independent. Any dollar amount is a big help.
Thank you for your support!

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Latest News & Updates from John Flynn for U.S. Senate

MAY 2022

John Flynn can — and does— work across the political aisle when it is ethical to do so. 

The following is a list of my top priorities for Connecticut:

Let's Improve Connecticut's Economy

  • I will defend retirement savings.

  • I will review the bailout policies for Sanctuary Cities.

  • I will work to rewrite rigid income tax installment contracts for businesses.

  • I object to additional taxes during a pandemic or otherwise, along with CT transit tolls. 

  • I believe the recent stimulus package was a loan; therefore, the mil rates should have been dropped.

We Need to Reform Connecticut's Judicial & Legislative Branches  

  • All parties must be allowed to weigh in on the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.

  • I will defend our elections from  the threats of foreign and domestic influence.

  • I will introduce term limits for Senators.

  • Make legal enforcement accountable.

I Believe in Immigration that Enforces both Federal & State Laws 

  • I will work to create a legal path to citizenship.

My Foreign Relations Priority: Secure Borders 

  • We need to reform our policies in Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, & Haiti — and put our focus on China.

  • I believe in securing Christian values as a pro-Israel ally.

  • I will work to keep war far from our shores.

  • I will work to prevent further imports of Fentanyl.

I Believe in Affordable Healthcare that Doesn't Impose on Personal Freedom

  • Pandemic solutions with Finansurance. 

  • I am an advocate’s advocate for the disabled and veterans.

  • I promise to work toward solutions in Medicare and Medicaid. 

  • I support Christian family values and Constitutional protections regarding healthcare choices.

  • I believe we need to reassess prescription drug costs.


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